Video text transcription


My name’s Georgie Bullen, I’m a GB 2012 Paralympian and the director of Team Insight.

Team Insight uses the thrilling Paralympic sport of Goalball as well as other blindfolded activities as a unique team building and visual impairment awareness training event.

Goalball is a blind team sport in which all players are blindfolded so therefore rely on their other senses and their teammates in order to block and throw a heavy ball with bells in it in an attempt to score goals against their opposition.

By using Goalball and our other blindfolded activities, our events push you to break down barriers and learn to trust one another as by taking away your sense of sight, we force you to rely on your team. This in turn focuses you on the importance of concise communication and teamwork.

As well as being a teambuilding experience, Team Insight delivers high impact visual impairment awareness training, which due to it’s innovative and active nature has gained the endorsement of the RNIB.

Our Paralympic course leaders challenge our participants to step out of their comfort zones and work together.

We have had the pleasure of working with organisations such as O2 and Atos. You can visit our News page to read about some of their experiences and other events.

This is a teambuilding experience unlike any other.

Succeed through sport, succeed through Team Insight.