A unique team building experience

Visual Impairment Awareness Training

Team building:

Goalball-save Team Insight is different to many teambuilding experiences, as we not only deliver an exciting event, but we actually do strengthen and develop the key aspects that every company needs to succeed:


By taking away the sense of sight, our exercises force people to step back and really consider the difference between how effectively they believe they communicate and how effectively they actually do. It is often interesting for participants to realise exactly how precise oral instructions have to be. Our method of ‘self-learning’ encourages our clients to work out for themselves how to best work together and quickly results in clear and concise communication.


The blindfolded activities that we run throughout the day inspire the competitive nature of our participants and therefore develop their teamwork as in order to win each exercise they must work together, trust each other and communicate clearly. Teamwork is key in Goalball, without it, teams have no chance of beating their opponents.


By taking our participants out of their comfort zones and challenging them to overcome the deprivation of one of their key senses, the sense of sight, trust is essential. They are put into a vulnerable situation and as they go through the exercises together their mutual trust will be hugely strengthened. All of these important skills that are worked on throughout the day are brought together ultimately to play games of Goalball where the participants will need to use them effectively in order to work successfully as a team.

Visual impairment awareness

A change of perspective

Recent years have seen a growth in disability awareness and this has been particularly boosted by the excellent coverage of the 2012 London Paralympics. The general public tend to be more aware of how to relate to wheelchair users as well as a range of other disabilities. Sadly this does not extend to visual impairments and there is still a fundamental lack of understanding or awareness of the wide range of visual impairments.

Our team building days offer a unique way to provide visual impairment awareness training. Rather than imparting information in a passive manner we provide an active and exciting experience. By encouraging participants to run around, play games without using their sense of sight they gain insight as to the needs and perspective of a blind person.
The course leaders are open and frank about their own visual impairments and expect to chat openly with participants about their condition.

Participants will be offered to try out simulation spectacles during their tea and coffee breaks which simulate a range of different visual impairments and we find this always leads to fascinating discussions.

“It made me aware of impaired vision as well as highlighting how important team work and communication are” Marion Deloitte