Now we all know that the key to any successful organisation is good communication, which is why more and more of our clients are coming to us with their main objective being to develop clear and concise communication. Our clients find that when their sense of sight is taken away and they’re set a task, suddenly they have to dramatically improve their levels of┬ácommunication and empathy. This is especially true when they are set challenges where there is one sighted instructor who has to lead the team as they are made very aware of the fact that they will only achieve their goals if they give instructions from the blindfolded teammates perspectives.

In an event this month with Telefonica (O2), the objectives for the day were simple, ‘Communication, communication, communication!’. Mark Floate, Radio Operations Group Manager for Telefonica UK said

“the event itself, over three hours, was one of the best events that enabled clear objectives that I have ever been involved in. The experience that was created on being totally alone at the start and to move forward in that short period of gaining confidence was clear precise and demonstrated throughout of how you get from isolation to team confidence…All of my team have indicated to me that this was also the best event they have completed too”