CC Consulting
On the 24th February, I was lucky enough to be invited along to speak at the ‘Highflyingdivas’ event, which is an all-female networking group. It was a brilliant night, and the best structured networking event that I’ve ever been to.

It began with introductions and led on to my talk on ‘Changing perceptions’. My topic was about the difficulties that visually impaired people face in trying to seek employment and how I launched Team Insight in the hope that we can help educate employers in VI awareness, so they feel more confident in offering positions to blind people. The talk seemed to evoke a lot of interest, with many feeding back that it made them realise how disability is often a last priority in ‘diversity and inclusion’. After the Q&A session, we split up into smaller groups so that each member had the opportunity to share, and potentially solve, any issues they’ve been having in their professional lives. It was a fantastic way of everyone getting to know one another and created a very supportive atosphere.

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, it was superbly run and I would highly recommend joining their LinkedIn group and attending some events!

To find out more visit the Highflyingdivas website