During National Inclusion Week, amongst other events, we had the pleasure of introducing the HR Leadership Team of Balfour Beatty into the world of visual impairment. We thoroughly enjoyed working with each member of the team and wanted to share with you an article they produced about the event:

To coincide with National Inclusion week, the HRLT team participated this week in a teambuild session, working with an awarding winning organisation Team Insight who use the Paralympic blind team sport of Goalball, as well as other blindfolded activities, to deliver unique team building and high impact visual impairment awareness training events.


By taking away the sense of sight Team Insight are able to not only improve visual impairment awareness, but their events have a huge impact on the traditional team building areas of developing communication, trust and teamwork, as the team were taken out of their comfort zones and had to work together to overcome the vulnerable situation of losing a sense.


The event was delivered by Georgie Bullen, a Paralympian and current member if the GB Goalball team, who also shared experiences of her visual impairment and focused on helping break down the barriers of ‘discomfort’ that people so often feel with disability. It was a very unique experience which made us all think about the challenges of visual impairment and the importance of improving our communication to overcome these.


“A fun and very powerful session really highlighting how we take our senses for granted and similarly how we can quickly compensate when vision was reduced. Goalball was a great team game, excellently led by Georgie, the Goalball Paralympian. I also never realised my complete inability to run in a straight line without vision!” David Wilson, Group Head of Reward


“It is so easy when you don’t have a disability or impairment to not really consider what life can be like for those who do. The opportunity to put myself ‘in the shoes’ of a visually impaired person really made me reflect. I came away from today with an improved understanding of what it could feel like and some ideas around actions I can take to enable a disabled person feel welcome, comfortable and included. We explored how visually impaired people often have to rely on others for help in some situations. In a world that has become busy and transactional it was a powerful reminder of the need to ‘be human’ – that is to communicate, connect and help each other – and how building trust is a vital part of the equation. A really thought provoking morning, and great to be able to do some work on this as part of National Inclusion Week” Jo Volk, Director of Talent & Development