About Goalball

Goalball is a blind team sport in which all players are blindfolded, so therefore rely on their other senses and their teammates in order to block and throw a heavy ball with bells in it in an attempt to score goals against their opposition.

It is played on a volleyball sized court (9 metres by 18 metres) and it is a 3-aside game. There are tactile markings on the floor to help with orientation. From the point at which you block or get the ball, your team has 10 seconds to throw it back, so it is a fast paced game.


Goalball is not an adapted sport, it is a sport all unto its own, although it is designed for blind people, it can be played by fully sighted people without ANY alterations, as everyone wears blindfolds.

It is often described as ‘sports best kept secret’ as many people are unaware of it but once you play once, there’s a high chance of addiction.


Sports best kept secret

“The trust you have developed with the people you’re playing with-is quite astonishing” Michael Cambridge News