Our aims

Team Insight aims to help strengthen working relationships, improve communication and break down barriers through our innovative teambuilding days. We use the thrilling and unique Paralympic blind sport of Goalball which develops team work, communication and trust, all whilst being exciting to play. Alongside Goalball, we deliver many enjoyable activities , which take our participants out of their comfort zones and challenges them to work together. Team Insight can tailor these activities to the needs of every client as we can focus on specifics.

Our methods

Team Insight teambuilding days are also a fantastic way of developing visual impairment awareness, as not only are the players in the shoes of blind people when wearing the shades, but our participants are also able to interact with their visually impaired course leaders throughout the day.

All of our course leaders have had years of Goalball experience, many have represented Great Britain and some are GB 2012 Paralympians , so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

Succeed through sport, succeed through Team Insight

This really is a teambuilding experience unlike any other, so take on the challenge!