What will you and your organisation get from a Team Insight Experience?

We are an award winning business delivering unique Corporate Team Building events using the thrilling Paralympic sport of Goalball, as well as other innovative blindfolded activities.

Founded and run by GB Goalball Paralympian, Georgina Bullen.


  • You’ll have the benefits of a GB Paralympian’s knowledge and years of experience as they deliver your event
  • Stronger working relationships
  • Clearer and more concise Communication
  • Break down barriers
  • Learn to work effectively as a Team
  • Develop Trust as you work together to conquer the issues that come from having your sense of sight taken away
  • Bond over an exciting and unique experience
  • Learn to work out of your comfort zone
  • Gain Visual Impairment Awareness with an accredited certificate, approved by the RNIB

“Team bonding experiences using Goalball...

...while raising awareness around visually impaired employees” The Guardian

Succeed through sport, succeed through Team Insight

This really is a teambuilding experience unlike any other, so take on the challenge!

Georgie Bullen wearing shades